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Balochistan Crisis

Why is it that 20.000 men have disappeared from the Balochistan region of  southern Pakistan? And why does this look like genocide? In a report from a conference in Berlin in December 2019 we describe in gruwsome detail a terrible situation

African integration in Europe

Africans in Europe generally speaking find it difficult to integrate. Culture, language, discrimiation, educational misfit and much more hinder the process. In an attempt to find solutions, we, at the Gerard Noodt Foundation, looked at the problems in 2016, and came up with a solution we called the “African Integration Network”. Feel free to be inspired by some of these

Human Rights issues in Europe

During a Debate at the European Parliament in 2013, it was apparent that many assume that there are few Human Rights issues in Europe itself. Both NGO’s as well as politicians, and the population at large, assume that autrocities are mostly rampant in rogue states, but “certainly not in civilized Europe”

Uyghur Genocide in Xjinjang

A conference in Brussels in 2015, organized by “” dealt with the issues of the Uyghurs in East Turkistan. We presented some of the problems in the region, and looked for ways to solve them.

Religious Freedom is not just a constitutional matter

In 2016, Claremont University in California, USA, organized a conference on Religious Freedom. The Noodt Foundation presented a model on how religious freedom can evolve or decline. Religious Freedom is defined not by constitutional law, as is the general practise in the USA, but by how much freedom there for association, speech, and conscience. Majority religions and social sentiments play a major role.

The Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar

Increasingly the Rohingya people in Myanmar are ousted of their own homes. It effects millions as the world is unawares, or does not seem to care. This paper, written and published in diverse Internet Websites in 2019, explains the history and the problems.

COVID-19 and Competition or Co-opetition?

During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, we foresaw a looming disaster, and called for nations to cooperate to solve the problem.